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Hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. We offer fast, reliable plans for every need - from a basic blog to high-powered site. Designer? Developer? We've got you covered too.

New customers will need to provide the following information:
• Name, address, contact number and email address
• Username* – (you will be asked to create a new username 5- 30
characters in length)
• Password* – (you will be asked to create a new password 9- 13 characters it must include one upper case letter and one
• PIN* – (you will be asked to create a 4 digit pin, it can not be 1234) * Please generate new codes that you have never
used before. Once your site is complete and we have done our hand over, we recommend that you change your Username, Password and PIN

STEP 1 - Click Here


Select your package. If you are planning on hosting 1 website then in most cases the economy package is the best option, but you should read the features and benefits of each package before making a selection.



Select your domain name. You get a FREE domain name from Godaddy. It must be a new domain name and excludes name transfers and renewals.



Confirm your details. You will see a summary of your pending purchase. Be sure to check the following items in RED. 1 and 2. You can add additional names at the bottom of the screen 3



login and complete order. Confirm your total on the right. If you are a new customer select New Customer otherwise log into your Godaddy account.



Check out – The next screen is your check out page. Be sure to read and confirm your order and tick the box on the left to confirm that you agree to Godaddy’s terms and condition.

Once you have checked out you will be asked if you wish to collaborate (is someone building your site for you)

Click on the COLLABORATE link and list the collaborator as Quiz Zard email address

Last step – You will receive two emails. Be sure to confirm your email address. Forward both emails to